For the serious commercial tyre service provider.

The UniSerV suite of specialised commercial software modules keep you connected into the many moving parts that make up a large commercial tyre service operation. Through integration into the e-jobsheet digital platform, fleet work for direct contracts or third party work can be launched directly out to the fitter – including instruction on policy and with stock allocated – to aid an efficient breakdown service. 


Completed work returned from the fitter tablet is updated systematically, making the process of updating stock records and creating service invoices simple, accurate and timely. Integrated casing management allows the organisation to control its removed tyre inventory at all times, whether for returns, repairs or disposal. Advanced communications capabilities ensure stricken drivers, fleet managers or 3rd party customers are informed of breakdown work statuses. Business Intelligence is available to provide both internal stakeholders and important customer contacts with transaction-by-transaction updates on service levels in order to substantiate performance characteristics.


  • Fully integrated into e-jobsheet app technology
  • Full customer, contract and fitment policies maintained within Call Logging module
  • Launch work directly to the fitter tabletand allocate stock with each job
  • Optional Integrated Casing Management module
  • Advanced completed job processing features
  • Multi-depot support
  • Optional map views available at call allocation
  • Optional TAPI (Telephone System) integration.


  • All customer contract and fitment policy data is resident within system, and available to guide both office user and fitter activity
  • Substantially reduced administrative workloads at job completion
  • Stock records are always accurate as movements are imbedded into call allocation and work completion processes
  • Optional casing management function provides full visibility of casing movement within the business as well as generating casing returns documentation
  • Deliver systematic notices via email or text message to drivers and fleet managers to inform of statuses for breakdowns
  • BI delivers world class Business Intelligence to help both acquire and retain fleet contracts.