About CAM


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The CAM Mission

To assist our customers in being as successful as they can be
To continually innovate and make a difference within our industry
To develop our people to become experts in their field


CAM commenced its corporate journey in 1983 ...


At that time, there simply was not a specific software solution available which could meet the needs of the UK independent tyre industry.

Rising to meet the challenge, a few hardy souls threw their collective futures into the ring and formed a small software business with the instinct to not only meet a market need, but to insist upon a personal approach which would always allow new and existing customers to feel they were dealing with people who knew their industry.

CAM grew at that point with every new customer gained and in many ways, has continued to do so to this day.

Although the business of buying and selling tyres has not changed markedly throughout the journey, the environment most definitely has. Legislation, tyre technology, cross-border trading, financial uncertainty and the internet amongst many other factors have all impacted upon our customers and CAM has been there every step of the way with them.

The industry will continue to change. Accordingly, CAM has taken the view that leadership is necessary through formidable Research and Development expenditure to help provide customers with the vision, the direction and ultimately the operational options they need.

To get an insight into our company values and ethos, please click here to download the CAM life posters.


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“R&D is simply the process of making and improving things of quality that people need”

The internet age is changing everything. Much is made of the possibilities associated with sales to the consumer via the web. However, the tyre industry is encumbered by a core product which is essentially a “distress purchase”. So whilst there is some momentum behind internet sales, we believe some of the technologies the internet has spawned – most notably Web Services – are the real heroes of the hour. And CAM has invested heavily in Web Services development to support “always on” data connectivity between customer and supplier, and customer and customer. In turn, these facilities promote the value of good, accurate data delivered on time and accurately to points of “best use” which was an important consideration behind our significant investment in the Online Tyre Catalogue.

“We are creating smarter, cost-saving software. We are linking systems through the exchange of data to improve inaccuracy, and we are helping customers to access new and exciting sales channels as they emerge.”

The primary virtue of CAM’s R&D investment for tyre industry customers is that we can offer the opportunity to lower transactions costs – the real costs in a tyre business – by reducing process duplication, inaccuracies and administrative failures whilst not losing any sales proficiency or momentum.



CAM Systems Ltd is proud to be an Investor in People. Investors in People is the standard for people management - it defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people for sustained success. Becoming an investor in people demonstrates a clear commitment to our team. Direct from our employees, we gain insights that give us a clear focus for improvement and progression.