Retail +

Know your customer. And for that they’ll pay!

CAM’s Retail + module provides the tyre retailer with the means to capture and exploit sales opportunities that are ordinarily unseen and missed. 


Retail + helps to drive a deep understanding of the individual consumer, which allows the retailer to build intelligence up about the tyre buyer – and their various personal and professional relationships – from the faintest of initial interaction via the phone, over the counter or via the web. Thereafter, the relationship between dealer and customer builds with each inbound or outbound contact, price quotation or booking. 

Vehicle inspections will trigger both current and future sales uplifts and marketing campaigns can be crafted to appeal to the individual through the communication channel – direct mail, email and SMS - which most suits them. Follow Up’s will ensure that all proactive is progressed timely and effectively. Marketing budgets are spent more effectively, system users are spared onerous data capture workloads and ultimately, the customer feels that the dealer has a tremendous knowledge of their automotive buying habits, irrespective of which dealer staff member answers the phone.


  • Marketing campaign builder
  • Desktop and tablet application for vehicle inspections
  • Scheduled follow ups for customer communication


  • Quickly complete vehicle inspections on the tablet app which feeds directly back into Cameo with Retail +
  • Follow up quotes, campaigns, vehicles inspections with contact scheduler
  • Prompted with campaign pop ups when assigned to customers