Transforming the medium-sized commercial tyre service operation

Fitter-Force delivers the operational responsiveness of digital tablet technology within an integrated package - incorporating purchasing, stock control, contract and ad hoc pricing management, invoicing and accounting - to the tyre service provider. 


Founded upon the e-jobsheet commercial work exchange, Fitter-Force makes use of the operational agility that digital tablet use brings to service operations whilst also removing the back office costs and inaccuracies associated with the manual completion of service work. This integrated approach means business owners are presented with an “end-to-end” view of their commercial tyre business operations- from work request right through to payment – on a job-by-job basis, as well as a comprehensive view of customer service activities by account. Fitter-Force is a multi-language offering and, supports multi-currency operations. It can be deployed as either a traditional on-site implementation or, within a cloud-based subscription model.


  • The easy to use e-jobsheet tablet app provides fitters with one tool which will meet all of their service work requirements in the field
  • Dashboard technology provides office users with near real-time views of the state of service operations
  • Office operators can launch work to their own fitters or, issue to connected parties through the exchange for their fitters to complete
  • Data is returned from the tablet upon job completion by fitters to be automatically updated into the integrated stock, billing and accounting system
  • Full sales, purchasing and nominal ledger accounting
  • Option to link to commercial tyre suppliers
  • Multi-language operation
  • Multi-currency support.


  • Takes advantage of improved customer responsiveness by its integration into the e-jobsheet platform
  • Normalises the flow of job data from the field and into job processing – data arrives within seconds of each job being completed
  • Systemises the updating of stock records and the creation of service invoices to ease administrative workloads
  • Removes double-keying cost and inaccuracy – more efficient processing with little or no human intervention
  • Office staff are freed up to focus on more customer-oriented activities
  • Provides a fully-reconcilable view of all work in progress, work completed, jobs with authorisation pending, invoiced and paid - on a transaction-by-transaction basis.