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BI (Business Intelligence) seeks to present hugely valuable data, very simply and in a timely manner. It empowers business owners and internal and external stakeholders with dynamic views of system data on a transaction by transaction basis, allowing them to make informed business decisions if and when they need to. 


BI dashboards or reports can be constructed by options including customer, sales turnover, profit, stock and service items, item movements and values,  transaction types, suppliers, locations and a combination of these and many more. Dashboards can be published internally throughout the business, externally to the web for individual client appraisal as well as to mobile devices such as tablets.  Subscribers to BI can access a library of system views or, optionally utilise advanced design capabilities to create bespoke views and reports. Full security over viewing access is available, meaning subscribers can control both who enjoys access to which views and, what format each dashboard or report will take. BI is available for any CAM products and, can be linked dynamically with third party data sources such as geographic data.


  • Options to access via standard library or including Advanced designer
  • Security profiling system controls dashboard and report access, both internally and externally
  • Web and tablet access options
  • Dashboard and reports use all known tables and fields in CAM software
  • Option to link to 3rd party data sources
  • Ability to standardise on external reports and dashboards which filter by data unique to each customer
  • Options to systemise all data dissemination


  • Cost-effective operational information platform. Affordable technology for even the smallest tyre business
  • Decision support through accurate data made available to only those who need it, and only when needed
  • Virtually no inhibitions to data and its presentation within the software
  • BI Designer avails users of bespoke capabilities to acquire new business and retain existing contracts
  • Access your own system data in views on a transaction by transaction basis to maximize opportunities, or minimise threats
  • Little need for reporting or data administration; little IT competence required
  • Visually pleasing portrayal of business dynamics