Tyreteam, a force to be reckoned with.

Buckinghamshire-based Tyreteam is investing in CAM technology for the first time by participating in its new fitter-force™ digital tablet technology.  The commitment will remove back office costs and inaccuracies associated with the manual completion of service work and enable the supplier of commercial and agricultural tyres to improve its customer service through operational responsiveness.


Based on the e-jobsheet open-access, digital tablet-based service work exchange platform, fitter-force™ incorporates a diary system for effective resources (including mobile fitters) planning; job launch (to the e-jobsheet app); pricing; purchasing; stock control; invoicing and accounting.  It also includes a full featured point of sale capability and comprehensive views of customer service activities by account.


Jim Waters at Tyreteam, says “We are a new customer to CAM and were impressed with its fitter-force™ presentation in providing suppliers like ourselves with a fully comprehensive view of fleet service operations, from work request through to job completion and subsequent payment.  We’re confident it will help us continue to improve our service to commercial and agricultural customers.” 

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, adds, “Although Tyreteam is a new customer acquisition for CAM, we’re confident our easy-to-use software platform will enable the company to eradicate inefficiencies, improving its operations and customer service.” 



Frankie Sharp