CAM’s OTC makes a world of difference for UK truck tyre data

Through the development of the Tyre Intelligence Europe (TIE) initiative, the pivotal role that CAM’s Online Tyre Catalogue (OTC) is playing in linking ‘sharer dealers’ to the platform and accessing details down to the article level for brands, sizes and location of sale is becoming increasingly apparent.

With the majority of CAM’s truck tyre dealers having signed up to the TIE initiative as ‘sharer dealers’, the stage is set to deliver a wide spread of UK truck tyre volume data.  Coupled with its linkage to the OTC, TIE is also able to provide the most accurate detail around truck tyre sales.

CAM is continuing to expand in the OTC. Next month it will be present at ‘Tire+’ 2017 in Shanghai in September, with additional European shows planned into 2018. This ongoing commitment to maintain all brands of tyre in the OTC which might eventually be sold into the UK means all sources of truck tyre sales can be tracked through the TIE platform.

Since its inception in 2011, OTC has grown to contain over 420 brands and in excess of 215,000 individual tyre articles.


Frankie Sharp