CAM introduces MIDaS3

To meet the demand for a more responsive mobile retail environment, the next generation MIDaS B2B e-commerce platform is being launched by CAM.  It will enable retailers to interact with dealers more effectively online by delivering stock to all their digital devices including mobile, tablet and PC.

MIDaS3 introduces advanced security management allowing subscribers to authenticate their login by username and password through the system’s admin pages.  In addition, publishers can impersonate and connect remotely as a subscriber allowing them to see what their subscribers see, providing improved support to identify price differentials, failed orders and page or product issues, saving down time and loss of business.

The new user interface ensures consistency across page layouts and content flow on different screens and the system is smoother, sleeker and faster when loading.  Active caching also retains user searches for faster retrieval of their most popular products.

Improvements to the graphical layout, utilising more effective icons and positioning of the user content, also provide an overall enhanced user experience.

A strong brand image to personalise a business’ website is available through MIDaS3’s smart customisation tool, with a choice of themes, fonts, buttons, page customisation and delivery of content through news feeds and notice boards.  In addition, with multi-depot configuration, each site can employ their own MIDaS3 with full customisation of pages and content provided by the publisher.                                                                                                            …/

In addition, when subscribers login they are taken to a dedicated landing page showing the latest promotions, special offers and more, enhancing companies’ marketing and advertising campaigns.  To maximise email marketing, businesses can send subscribers embedded MIDaS3 links directly to special product offers that open the requisite product page.                                                                                                                                                

Searchable links, brand search and keyword searching/filter by season are all available within MIDaS3.  Its dynamic searching function suggests brand and tyre characteristics as end users type, allowing them to search by any field to build a keyword query.  CAM’s Online Tyre Catalogue (OTC) integration provides IPC and EAN codes, EU tyre labelling, tread images and other tyre parameters.

The interface of CAMBI (Business Intelligence) with CAMEO also presents an interactive data visualisation tool for enabling real-time data consumption and analysis.

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, says, “The enhancements to MIDaS are all about creating an easier and more enjoyable user customer experience, while maximising business for dealers.  Subscribers can now have multiple wish lists and can save their cart contents.  In addition, with improved CMS order queue management, at check out, a prompt warns the customer of any stocked quantity and price changes so the subscriber can either accept the reprice or update their cart accordingly.  As a result, dealers can expect a more effective e-commerce web presence increasing their business potential.”

Frankie Sharp
CAM commits to mentoring programme for UniSerV™ users

CAM is embarking on a mentoring programme for its UniSerV™ users over the next six months, consolidating its major investment in both the platform and to the UniSerV User Group forum over the past five years. 

The planned road campaign aims to visit all UniSerV customers to present all the new functionality available within the system, ensuring that users are maximising the efficiencies and savings presented for truck, bus and van.  These will include the upcoming enhancements to the Fleet Management solutions as well as policy information delivery to the e-jobsheet application, and much more.

The newly integrated UniSerV and e-jobsheet users can benefit from enhancements to the system which include generating fleet inspection and fleet audit completion documentation, and offering an improved service for communicating the time, date, location and tyre measurements of individual inspections or audits, whether they are for direct or third-party customers.

Kate Neill, UniSerV service delivery manager for CAM, says, “The mentoring programme is designed to ensure UniSerV users maximise the functionality of the platform including its most recent enhancements, ensuring they fully realise all available benefit from all aspects of the software.”

Frankie Sharp
Inaugural Fitter-Force Forum commits to fleet tyre service connectivity

Being connected, sharing data and how system links between partner operations should offer the visibility to determine which partners are best to deal with, dominated the inaugural Fitter-Force Forum on 12 June in Birmingham, hosted by CAM.

The roundtable was attended by medium-sized fleet tyre service specialists from the UK and Republic of Ireland, including AA Tyre Master, Paul Jarrold Tyres, S Tyres and Three Counties Tyre Services, which are encouraged to be early adopters of the new Fitter-Force platform.  The participants benefited from a demonstration of Fitter-Force, which combines the operational responsiveness of digital tablet technology through e-jobsheet with premier tyre management software for all fleet tyre work for car, van, bus, agri or truck as well offering comprehensive, generic tyre management capabilities.

The group identified the critical ‘pain points’ which affect their current business operations such as night call/on call management, compliance, tyre sourcing, the cost of admin for third party work, and stock management – notably work allocation and post-job reconciliation - as the key priorities for the continuing development of the platform.

Steve Daly, commercial director of CAM, commented, “The movement of data (or not) between parties will become a major decision factor in who deals with whom.  The aim of Fitter-Force is to enable small to medium-sized dealers to be able to get connected through cost-effective IT enablement.  Our next generation IT software, positioned integrally within CameoTM, will allow tyre service providers to collate and share work data should they choose to, enabling new levels of connectivity between independent business partners.”                      

Attending the Fitter-Force Forum, Mike Jarrold of Paul Jarrold Tyres Ltd, said, “The first meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the development of Fitter-Force and its benefits to our business in terms of maximising efficiencies, alleviating paper chasing and re-keying, saving on admin costs, and providing stock control.  It was also very beneficial to exchange experiences and share best practice with other similar-sized operations.  We’re confident the roundtable will enable us to help shape this industry-specific technology so that we continue to enhance and grow our businesses.”

Frankie Sharp